Digital Cable Services

Get ready to change the way you watch television with Triple Play Network (India) Digital Cable TV Network.

Broadband Services

Triple Play Network (India) employs special technologies that overcome most of the problems faced by regular internet connections today.

Telephone Services

Providing best unlimited telephone services in affordable price.

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about TPN

Welcome to Triple Play Network India Pvt. Ltd.

Triple Play Network (India) is one of India’s leading business houses with a diverse portfolio of assets in entertainment, cable TV, high speed broad band. Triple Play Network (India) is one of India’s leading Multi System Operator. With 40 analog and 18 digital head ends and a network of optical fiber and coaxial cable, it provides its cable services in Delhi.

Why us?
Today, Triple Play Network (India) stands high as one of India’s Leading Cable TV Networks. While our feet hold the ground strong with a rich heritage of technological advancement, our heads are soaring high towards the horizon of entertainment world as the most preferred and innovative leader. Let’s have a glimpse of Triple Play Network (India) fortress!


  • HD picture quality/Sound
  • Uninterrupted signals even during bad weather

Our Specialties

  • Programming guide: Program List + Favorite Channel list
  • Multilingual functions
  • Parental control – block unwanted channels
  • Maximum regional channels
  • Sound Design

Bucket Full Of Channels For Everyone

  • Variety of channels
  • 900+ channels
  • Update with regional/national news

Dedicated Customer Support

  • Service technician in your neighborhood
  • 24×7 personalized service through centralized call center
900 +


24 X 7

Personalized Service

100 +


25 Years

of experience

Minimum discontinuation due to network connection failure

Internet on PC or Television

Triple Play Network (India) has next generation technology that enables its cable network to provide internet connection on PC using the backbone of optical fiber cable network. Triple Play Network (India) subscribers can access internet on their television sets through internet enabled Set Top Boxes.

Triple Play Network (India) internet is always on as it does not rely on signal strength like the wireless data card connections. All you need to do is switch on your PC and start surfing. No dial-ups, no disconnection, no login hassles.


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